Season 10 : Episode 6 “Drag Con Panel Extravaganza!”

Its time for Drag Con bitches! Nick and Amanda talk about some possible All Stars 4 rumors, how Tyra is going to blow up Drag Con, and Nick’s general annoyance with this mini challenge. They also announce a new Squirrel Friend contest, and Amanda announces that she has decided to keep her red hair. The hosts gag over Asia O’hara’s stunning runway and also talk about Blair’s runway confession. Nick ends the episode by queening out over Blair St. Clair’s mirror message and stifles his urge to talk about Smash for 45 more minutes. Enjoy!

An EXTRA special shout out to our OFFICIAL VIP Squirrel Friends who are keeping the lights on at SFCH productions.

Andre Platts, Molly Harrington, Mitch & Cheeeps, Rosie Wallis, Luke Stammen, Zee Machine, Arturo Esteve, Michael Cannon, Lochary Skidmore, Sharonda, Jonathan Hradecky, Liam Campbell, Meredith McFarland, Lisa M. Law, Cole Coker, Zoe Underwood, Chris Cousi, Zoe Kassay, Nirvana Searle, Zach Day, Tom Cornell, Gigi Griffith, Chris Bockiaro, Mia Mazza, Cameron Bennett, Michael Sargent, and Samantha Killingsworth!

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