Season 4 : Episode 1 “Rupocolypse Now!”

It’s finally here! This is the main event, are you ready? Season 4 is FINALLY upon us and Nick and Amanda are giddy the entire episode. The hosts break down every gag worthy moment from Rupocolypse Now, including a new found crush on The Princess, a mild annoyance with Chad Michaels, and the beauty and importance of Willam vs. Phi Phi in these early episodes. Buckle up Squirrel Friends, because Nick and Amanda did not hold anything back on this first episode, OH AT ALL!

An EXTRA special shout out to our OFFICIAL VIP Squirrel Friends who are keeping the lights on at SFCH Productions:

Paige Watts, Molly Harrington, Mitch & Cheeeps, Rosie Wallis, and Luke Stammen!

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