All Stars 1 : Episode 6 “Finale”

Well Squirrel Friends, we did it! We got through All stars 1 and made it out alive. However, on this episode Nick and Amanda felt were smited by the tech Gods as they struggled with the sound quality in the second half of the episode. Amanda hangs on by a thread as she battles a flu unlike any other, as Nick discovers that he is a closeted Shannel fan. Two new Squirrel Friends of the Week are crowned!










All Stars: Episode 5 “Dynamic Drag Duos”

Welcome to a new episode, Squirrel Friends! Hunker down for our Longest business section ever….but  that’s okay because this episode of all stars is horrific and we were grasping at straws to even find things to discuss.
Nick schools us on his sports knowledge and Amanda fails at singing her favorite Lucian piane song.
Join us as we gear up for the season 9 premiere next week!!! Enjoy 🙂




All Stars 1 : Episode 4 “All Star Girl Groups”

On this weeks episode, Amanda and Nick express their deepest gratitude that the world FINALLY has a release date for Season 9. The hosts gush over their sister podcast and the purple perfection that is Kelly Osbourne. Nick channels his inner Donna Meagle while Amanda stresses over a surprise rash that has taken hostage over her bosom. Two new Squirrel Friends of the week are crowned!






All Stars 1: Episode 3 “Queens Behaving Badly”

Well… was bound to happen. After almost a year of podcasting, Amanda makes a very rookie mistake while recording which caused her to edit this whole episode second by second. This episode is truly a labor of love….perhaps very fitting because this is Nick’s least favorite Drag Race episode EVAAAAAA. I mean, its an awkward one guys! We also discuss the wonder of dicks, even more than usual, and yes,  that is possible.

*The sound may sound slightly odd at times….but as you are listening and you feel like you are being robbed of our usual perfection….just imagine Amanda whispering in your ear: “Get over ITTTTTTTTT” in a Miranda voice, and you will feel better. We love  you Squirrel Friends!