All Stars 1 : Episode 2 “RuPaul’s Gaff-in”

On this week’s episode, Nick and Amanda reveal their ignorance for past lip sync songs as they read their Lip Sync Sorter results. Amanda taps into the paranormal and spots a ghost lurking behind Nick as they record. The hosts come to the realization that Tammy Brown is the true All Star of the season. The After Hours segment turns into a boozy impromptu sing-a-long including the opening number of Ragtime and a rousing rendition of the podcast’s new theme song.








All Stars 1: Episode 1 “It Takes Two”

The wait is over, Squirrel Friends! After a TUMULTUOUS week of us pulling out our hair, we have officially declared that we will be recapping ALL STARS 1!!! This is SOOOO much better than we remember…UNTUCKED especially is giving us LOYF! We hope you enjoy our mid season recap and can squirrel out with us for the next 6 weeks as we await the season 9 Premiere. Enjoy!!!


Season 3: Episode 14 “Reunited”

Join Amanda and Nick as they recap the reunion of our season 3 queens! Nick struggles throughout the episode as he grapples with simple math and elementary urban dictionary terms. Amanda’s opinions on Michelle Visage are finally vindicated when Alexis Mateo calls out Michelle. As the episode progresses, Amanda questions if Nick even watched the reunion at all. The hosts boast about having 80 followers on Twitter, but will it last?