Season 3 : Episode 13 “Finale”

This week Amanda and Nick celebrate their 50th episode! The hosts break down the performances of the top 3 queens in their final challenge. Amanda gives Nick a grammar lesson and Nick teaches Amanda the difference between Twitter and Facebook. The hosts are feeling the impact of their cocktails as they navigate through an extended and extra tipsy After Hours segment.











Season 3: Episode 12 “Make Dat Money”

On this weeks episode, Amanda and Nick OFFICIALLY declare their continued infatuation with Alexis Mateo. Nick FINALLY schools Amanda with a few Steel Magnolias references while battling a surprise allergy attack. The host continue to incorporate new sound effects, and Amanda has found a new karaoke song.








Season 3: Episode 11 “Jocks in Frocks”

Well, Squirrel friends, we are officially moving up in the podcasting world. Listen and have your mind BLOWN by our new PROFESSIONAL sound effects! Also on the episode, we introduce a couple new official segments. We also discuss wtf Carmen was thinking putting a linebacker in a bikini, and about how Alexis’ jock finds his true calling in life. Enjoy!






Season 3: Episode 10: “Hair Extravaganza”

Happy New Year Squirrel Friends! We will make this a great year if we can all stick together, dammit!

On this episode….look…let us level with you…we go off topic a LOT. But hey…now you will know so much more personal information about us! (good or bad news? you decide!)

You will hear us argue a LOT about the HAIR-Y looks of the queens….you will hear Nick face his actual nightmare, an ode to the Game of Life, and we will bid a long overdue BYEEEEEE to Shangela!  Enjoy 🙂


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