Season 3: Episode 9 “RuPaul-a-palooza”

We hope you all had a very gay holiday, squirrel friends! On this episode, we celebrate Festivus and air our grievances, in which Nick discusses the wonders of getting old and Amanda shares with you two incredibly unfortunate stories, both of which require you to not be faint of heart.  We officially learn to embrace our true love for Raja, and Nick not only proves to be a Michelle apologist but also a complete phony when it comes to dealing with the heating guy and Paris is Burning. Amanda is not amused. Other than that, we loved this episode of drag race!!! We also crown our squirrel friend of the year!!! Enjoy 🙂

Season 3: Episode 8 “Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Style”

Happy Holidays, Squirrel Friends!!! On today’s special xmas spectacular episode, Amanda and Nick discuss their very in depth online drag queen sorting results, Amanda realizes she can’t tell the difference between Kandy Ho and April Carrion, and we invite you all to join us in finding out your own rankings of all 100 queens!   The co-hosts also exchange FIERCE xmas presents, and as always, they argue and bicker. Tis the season, after all! Enjoy 🙂


Season 3: Episode 7: “Ru Ha Ha Ha”



Season 3: Episode 5 “The Snatch Game”

Happy Snatch Game, Squirrel Friends!!! Listen to us as we “celebrate” the worst snatch game of the whole franchise (in our opinion). Also, we discuss how much we love getting X-rated pictures before noon, argue about Alexis’ upcoming army look, and the anxiety that comes when you run out of chapstick in the winter. Oh also, Amanda’s cat is all over this thing. You can hear her squeak into the mic at around 19:50 (Little Easter egg for ya there) Enjoy!!!


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