Season 3: Episode 2 “Queens in Space”

Good morrow, Squirrel Friends. We must begin with a disclaimer. Nick and Amanda recorded this episode while the election was happening on TV. We have edited out much of our commentary throughout the podcast because frankly, it’s kind of heartbreaking to hear how excited we were at the time. However, we do mention it a few times at the beginning of the episode.

On a lighter note, we discuss Queens in Space! One of our favorite ones from season 3. We discuss Shangela’s very note cute moment, the bullying of Mimi, bad (and good) movie sequels, and we introduce our newest podcast segment: Squirrel Friend of the week! Aren’t you dying  to hear who won this week? Enjoy!


All Stars 2: Reunion!

Sorry for yet another slight delay squirrel friends! But we are here for you, recapping the All Stars 2 reunion! Spoiler alert, this one was kind of a clunker. We speculate on what went wrong, on conspiracy theories, on the shade of it all, and we discuss pizza bread. A well rounded episode all in all! Enjoy!

Sorry for the delay squirrel friends! But we

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