3 thoughts on “Season 8: Episode 9 “The Realness”

  1. Hey there squirrel friends! This is Nia from Wales, UK – really enjoying the podcasts, thanks guys. I may also be one of your Finnish downloaders as I first downloaded you on May 2nd on a business trip in Helsinki.

    I just love the rapport between you two and I really enjoy the way you obviously delight in the show (which I think is brilliant, by the way.)

    I watch Drag Race with my 19 year old daughter and I wanted to say that I think it’s such a joyful thing that I and my children live in a world that can have a show celebrating difference and beauty and choice, and your podcast is part of the same continuum.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    Nia xxxxx


    1. Thank you so much for your email Nia! You really made me and nicks night 🙂 when we started this thing we were literally doing it just for us to have a reason to talk to each other about our favorite show…we never thought people would actually listen! And the fact that you are across the world from us makes it even cooler! Please know how appreciative we are for every single listener.

      I hope you don’t mind if we read your email on Tuesday when we record our season 8 finale 🙂 I think it will be a lovely way to start a very exciting episode.



  2. That would be wonderful!

    Wasn’t it a great series; so much love. Such a positive finale – Go #TeamBob (but also #TeamChiChi #TeamNaomi #TeamChiChi!)

    Nia xx


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